This is a 1989. Unis Sprint, which I like to call Baby Slim or just plain ol' Slim. My father brought it from Albania 20 years ago, and unfortunately, it remained forgotten in our basement for the last 15 years.

It went through several serious floods, so it looked like an unrecognizable pile of junk when I dragged it along the way to my boyfriend's garage. It's just too bad we didn't think of taking a "before" photo. Anyway, it may not be a very valuable bike as far as the parts are concerned, but I think it's certainly charming and with a personality of its own.

We tried to save most of the original components, only the saddle, chain and handlebar tapes are new. The wheels were taken from another old bike we had laying around, the frame was powdercoated and we did our best to polish every inch of that bike for hte sake of perfection. ;) Of course, we transformed it into a single speed, and it runs perfectdly - very fst, silent and easy to maintain in great condition. Total cost of the repairs: under 150$.

I ride it all across the city, never taking public transportation or walking anymore. A very comfortable and practical way to get around, even when riding uphill (if it's not insanely steep, of course).

And finally, saving Slim inspired us to develop our own small garage project - we started converting old road bikes into fixed gear and single speed.

My other precious, a freshly acquired Peugeot Tourmalet is also awaiting transformation and shall arrive to your gallery very soon! :)

My name is Ana from Zagreb, Croatia - the land where fixies and single speeds are still a mystery to most people.





Unis Sprint - side view
Unis Sprint - Rear Brake Detail
Unis Sprint - Rear Angle View
Unis Sprint - Rear Detail
Unis Sprint - Front Detail
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