I've had this frame since it was new (orignal color, red), and I've had it set up all kinds of ways. As a new dad, I don't have a lot of time to ride, so I set this bike up as a ss trail bike, which allows me to take short and vigorous rides on the nearby trails, instead of the long-ish road rides I used to favor.

The trail gear is 36x22 (42 gear inches) which, I find, is no good for getting back and forth. So, I have a 18t fixed cog on the other side, and a second ring up front. 40x18 (57 gear inches) works for getting to the trails, and is also fun on dirt roads.

The Tange fork allows pretty big rubber (the mutanoraptor 2.4 measures about 52mm), but the chainstays are the limiting factor in the back. I gained a few mm by tweaking the stays with a block of wood, a bolt and a c-clamp. I can fit *some* 26x2.1 knobbies now.

I ride in and around Carrboro, NC, USA.

Parts are a hodge-podge:

Original Bits:
--Frame: 1993 Bridgestone xo-3
--Left brake lever: Dia-compe ss-4
--Seat post New, new-ish or new-to-me bits:
--Fork: Tange Cro-mo unicrown (threadless)
--Rear Hub: White ENO eccentric
--Freewheel: ACS 22t
--Cog: Surly 18t
--Cranks: Sugino XD-2
--Rings: Random 40-36
--Pedals: Forte SPD clones
--Headset: Cane Creek s-2
--Rear Rim: Salsa Delgado
--Front Rim: Sun CR-18
--Grips: Oury
--Bars, stem from the parts bin at my local shop (Back Alley in Chapel Hill)



Bridgestone - front angled view
Bridgestone - tire clearance
Bridgestone - gearing options


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