Attached my homemade Pearl White High Wheel╩for posting. This Penny farthing is built to promote cycling in Malaysia during events & campaign. I rode a distance of 12km recently during a campaign for a cycling lane in Penang on the 25th Sept 2009.

God bless,

Timothy Wooi
Jitra, Kedah, Malaysia.

Brief description
This Penny Farthing is a 48" homebuilt to a novelty style with a newer and lighter tube frame design with modern bicycle parts.
- Saddles/Seats, Pedals, & Handlebars interchangeable
- Rubber 16mm Petrol hose tires mean no flats & require no maintenance
- Unique design Spoon Front & back brakes with modern technology adds classic look.
- This Ordinary bike with 16mm wheels has less wheel resistance
- Fully handmade using modern Headset bearings for Reliability
- Hand made wheel rim from 2 units 28 inch rims Spokes Stainless Steel #13 ( 2.4mm x36"x60) individually Cut & threaded.

Cranks Freeman Chrome 180mm with Pegs
Oversize Headset
Headset Tube 6" x 2"dia
Pedal Old School
Fork 26" Mountain Extended
Hub Assembly 6 inch haandmade
Sealed Bearings 6003 ZZ x2
Handle╩bar turned Teak Wood
Sadle Spring Seat
3" Brass Bell
Back Wheel 16" x 1.75



Penny Farthing - cockpit detail
Penny Farthing - rear wheel
Penny Farthing - brake detail
Penny Farthing - Bicycle and the Builder
Penny Farthing - Press Clipping


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