hey there cyclofiend!

Here we have a Huffy Sea Trails ex 3-speed turned single, originally a brownish orange now painted black with rustoleum and clear coated. It is rear brake only because the original front brake had seen its last day. It works for me. I found the bike rusted up in the crawlspace of my parents house and polished the wheels, hubs, brakes, bars, sprockets, and chain with mineral spirits and steel wool and whalah! Nice & shiny restored classic! I really love riding this bike around Atlanta. Its a hit with the fixie kids even though I'm a dude riding a step-through frame. Honestly I prefer this bike over my mountain bikes and the fixies I've had in the past.

~ Harold





Huffy Sea Trails - side view
Huffy Sea Trails - top down front view
Huffy Sea Trails - Polished up hub
Huffy Sea Trails - rear angle view
Huffy Sea Trails - brake clearance detail


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