Kona Fire Mountain ATB - single speed conversion

I got this frameset-plus-a-buncha-parts last summer at work for a song, and decided to set it up as a single speed bike, both for fun AND for a projected foray into cyclocross in fall 2009.

--Origin8 crankset
--Poverty BMX pedals (these MAY get upgraded but for now the Poverty pedals work great; and yes I'll ride cross with flat pedals. I'm SUCH a BMX throwback!)
--Surly stainless steel chainring, 110 x 39t
--Surly steel cassette S/S cog (currently 21t but I have a 19t in case 21 turns out to be too easy)
--Soulcraft "Convert" chain tensioner and cassette spacer kit
--KMC "Premium" 3/32 BMX chain (model 610HX)
--Club Roost "CrossMax" tires (these will be upgraded to Schwalbes for cross season)
--KHS 1 1/8" quill stem and old-school MT bars with a downhill stabilizer added for my own peace of mind. (IMHO, it doesn't look bad, either.)
I may swap in a longer stem once I dial in my saddle position where I want it.

Since this bike will be ridden primarily on dirt and gravel paths and in the mud, I'm not going to worry about putting a fancy saddle on it; the one that came with it seems to work fine for my purposes.

The bike came with surprisingly decent basic wheels that include Shimano Parallax hubs and Mavic rims, and for my purposes they'll serve for now.

When I finished setting it up I took it for a short maiden voyage around the neighborhood. While some final fitting still needs to be dialed in, the bike feels great. Best of all, it reminded me of how much fun I had riding BMX bikes as a kid. I'm looking forward to taking it up into Forest Park very soon.



Kona Fire Mountain Singlespeed - side view
Kona Fire Mountain Singlespeed - front angle view
Kona Fire Mountain Singlespeed - bars detail
Kona Fire Mountain Singlespeed - drivetrain detail
Kona Fire Mountain Singlespeed - tire tread detail
Kona Fire Mountain Singlespeed - angled view
Kona Fire Mountain Singlespeed - new drivetrain
Kona Fire Mountain Singlespeed - New Bars
Kona Fire Mountain Singlespeed - One Less Fixie
Kona Fire Mountain Singlespeed - tensioner detail




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