I love ANT bikes by Mike Flanigan, but since I can't afford one, I made this tribute bike using an unbranded Motobecane frame I got from Island Bikes on eBay. I really like the way it rides, and I use it to bike to work as often as possible.

Frame: 53" Unbranded Motobecane steel frame
Cranks: Polished Dura-ace 172mm
Hubs: New Economy - Flip-Flip hub (Surly fixed gear cog)
Stem: Origin8 100mm
Bars: Vintage Crome Nitto Road Alloy
Brake: Tektro 70mm long reach front brake



Marco Anderson




ANT bike tribute - side view
ANT bike tribute - angle view
ANT bike tribute - hub detail
ANT bike tribute - fork crown detail




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