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Here are the photos of the White Industries two speed (65 & 50 inch) set up for a Double Double or 'Double D' as I like to call it. This set up has proven to be very useful when facing headwinds or when I am tired. This bike gets used for my thrice weekly 18 mile round trip commute. Most of the route is flat, on a bike trail with the balance on small town streets and a country highway with a decent shoulder. My 65 inch gear works perfectly although I could stand to up the gears to a 70 inch for the main gear. The 15 inch difference comes from using 36x39 chain rings and a 16-19 freewheel. I used a 107mm bottom bracket and I re-spaced the back bearings and re-dished the wheel to give perfect alignment and a stronger symmetrical wheel. Since the difference is exactly three teeth in each direction, I get no chain tension problems in the horizontal dropouts and no need for a chain tension device.]

I can spin out the gearing but find the 13-18 mph cruising speeds very comfortable with a healthy cadence. I can spin up to about 25 mph at about 125 rpm but find I rarely need to do this. I will probably leave the gearing alone as it keeps me from pushing too hard and wrecking my knees. If I want to go faster I have to pedal at higher rpm. Hill climbing for me is limited to gentle rollers but with the low gear option I can go up some steeper grades. I am nearly 50 years old and weigh 258 pounds so this bike gets used for specific routes where I know I won't be climbing steep grades all day. As a commuter it seems to be the perfect carefree bike although I plan on converting a lugged steel frame for these parts soon and will retire this frame eventually.

- Charles


Raleigh Technium - side view
Raleigh Technium - cogset detail
Raleigh Technium - front chainring
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