Patrick Moore's Workshop:

Okay, I'm in. I dragged out my digital camera and took two photos. The work area is in the southeast corner of my garage, and facing the garage from the outside you are looking, more or less, east. There are opaque glass windows at the top of the east wall, under which the bikes hang. The bottle of grappa is meant to accompany the chain stewing in the crockpot.

I've also included a photo of my grocery store 3 speed, a bike that I once rode for 7 or 8 miles rt (to the library) on a breezy day and swore, "never again." But for the 1/4 mile to the grocery store, or for touring the shopping area located within a 1/2 mile radius from my house (including an ever expanding Hastings, coffee shop and restaurants, and all the little businesses that one needs day to day (the other side is bordered by the Rio Grande nature preserve, so I've got the best of both worlds) it is rather nice.

Patrick Moore
Albuquerque, NM




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