Jim Foreman's Workshop:

I'd have to say that my basic work area is the garage but I keep it uncluttered enough so I can always get the car inside. I can't see parking a $20,000 car in the driveway so you can keep a $200 lawn mower in the garage. About the only time when the cars were relegated to the driveway for any period of time was while I was building an airplane in there.

I do have an 8 x 12 storage/workshop in the back yard

Jim Foreman's Workshop

but it's used mostly for long term (gonna do someday) projects and as a place to stash things out of the garage and out of sight. A couple months ago I posted a "If you want it, come get it" message on our club's website which reduced the load considerably. I thought about a garage sale but didn't want to bother with it. Neither of the work areas are photo worthwhile because I tinker with a lot of things other than bicycles and sometimes it's difficult for me to figure out which project is which. It seems that every time I decide to clean the garage, something derails me off onto another track.


Since we are playing you show me yours and I'll show you mine, here are pix of the inside of my garage. As you can see from the tools on the wall, my interests run into more than just bicycles. Dig the fancy wheel alignment thing. Also the way I store my bikes.

Jim Foreman's Workshop

Jim Foreman's Workshop


Jim Foreman


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