James Johnson's Workshop Pix:

i've attached a few pics of my shop, which is in a sort of cinderblock building behind my house. i'm in the middle of a number of projects, including building out some freebie bridgestone frames i recieved, and tuning a friends un-bobish bianchi. never free, i am tuning it to sell it, he is getting a king of mercian in a few weeks! things strewn around the shop include my mb-1 singlespeed, some maxi-car tandem wheels, and a huge 66cm nishiki i am working for a friend. spoke cards are from tours and i rides i have put together through ridelugged.com. my shop is messy indeed! even when i worked at a retail shop, my workspace always had a post katrina feel to it.


james in central PA.



James Johnson - Autograph

James Johnson - Back of Shop

James Johnson - Entracne of shop

James Johnson - Messy Bench

James Johnson - Not My Bike

James Johnson - Stand & Hanger

James Johnson - Tool Array






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