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I love seeing other people's shops, it inspires me to actually organize my bike stuff. Let's revive this thread in about 4 months when my shop is consolidated in the garage again, it'll give me a good excuse to clean it up. At the moment, it's slowly migrating to the basement as i do some winter tinkering, and the basement is a little too small to photograph well.

Here's a shot of the basement space from last winter:

Bill Connell - Basement last winter

The last apartment i had as a bachelor was set up pretty nicely. I had a set of steel shop shelving in the living room with all the bike tools and spares, cheap rug on the floor to catch drips, tires hanging from the picture railing. It was more like a shop with a couch than a living room with a bike. Only one bike then though, now that i'm married there are at least 10 bikes around the house, almost half of them mine!

-- Bill Connell
St. Paul, MN





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