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September 5 , 2008




State of the Rivendell Bicycle Works Owner's Bunch Mailing List
September 2008 - #6

This "bi-monthly" report got back-burnered this past summer, and in the meantime, the list has continue to grow. We've added more than 140 new members since the last SOTL message. (And that's not including the enterprising spammers who get banned with their first moderated post. Runs about 1 out of 10, if you're keeping score.)

Many of the newer members have joined the discussions and I appreciate the thoughtful tone which folks have brought to the table. As I've said before, this list will really only remain viable to the extent that it differs from most of what passes for "discussions" on the internet.

The increase in size does cause a slight concern, of course. As we grow, each person becomes slightly less well-known, the byproduct of a larger society. It seems that it's often easy to reply flippantly or in a less supportive tone. With over 700 people on the list, we've really matured. With that maturity comes responsibility - in this case the responsibility to keep things respectful and focused upon the topic of the list.

I do want to state clearly that these thoughts are not in reaction to anything that has occurred on the list so far. As I've said before, my feeling is that it's easier to keep the goals and stated purpose of this list clearly stated, rather than try to wrangle errant strays all the time. Oh, and I'm not trying to imply that we're some herd.

That's probably more than enough said on that topic - I don't want to belabor the point and I'd rather just get this posted and back to more regular SOTL reports.

And as always, thanks again for contributing to or simply enjoying the discussions.

Projects and Features

If you missed the mention on the Rivbike website, it sounds like RBW Reader is set to go to a pdf/online distribution model with RR#41. For those of us who spend too much time in front of monitors and tend to be hoarding little packrats of back issues (um, that'd be me), they will be publishing a paper version, available for order when the online version appears.

Personally, I'm very happy that the Reader is continuing in any form. When #40 arrived in all its oversized goodness, I had this funny feeling of finality. It must have been caused by the steady announcemnt over the past year that the Reader would _not_ be a perk of membership. It would have been easy to say, "hey, 40's a good number. Let's pull the plug."

One of the things I've done over the years is put out catalogs and newsletters. Deadlines come hard and fast, and it is a draining effort to get those things out to the printers, over to the mailing house and out to the readership. Add running the business to that - one that is in and of itself reasonably complex, and I think we're lucky for any we get.


I've wrangled together a few more Rivendell model-specific pages. There are a few more things to scan in terms of background announcements and updates, but the basic framing has been put up. I'll announce major updates to the list, and put them here as well:

One behind-the-scenes format type thing that I did was to create specific directories for each model - so, rather than typing in:

you can type in:

It's kind of a minor thing, but that way you won't have to try to remember whether the pages were ".htm", ".html" or some other such suffix. And, if you have old links to the original model pages which ended in ".html", those will simply redirect to the new pages, so you don't need to worry about changing your links or bookmarks.

So, we now have:
Atlantis -
Bleriot -
Bombadil -
Hilsen -
Quickbeam -
Rambouillet -
Romulus & Redwood -

which have pulled together flyers, tidbits and scans, as well as aggregated all the Gallery listings for those models.

Request for materials -
The only thing I thought I had but can't seem to find is a flyer specific to the Redwood - It may have been a Reader or Catalog thing, but if anyone has a separate Redwood (or Romulus...or even any other model listed above) flyer that doesn't appear, please contact me - a scan would be appreciated, or you can mail it and I'll return it to you.

I do have flyers for Rivendell (custom) Frames and the color "poster-type" insert which was included with that.

Also in the "to-do" stage is a Saluki page, but I've only seen (and currently have) a pdf of that flyer. Did anyone ever see a Glorius/Wilbury flyer, other than the Reader annoucements?

And, if anyone has early bicycle-only flyers from the Pre-RR#24 days, please contact me.

More General Topics (From Previous Issues)

- Broader technical questions and non-Riv stuff are well covered by the iBob list, the 650B list and others hosted by alex wetmore on - - This is also where you can find the pre-March '07 archives to the RBW list. Peter White runs the "Bicycle Lifestyle" google group, which is here -

- Resources get put onto the RBW-Owners-Bunch pages here:
Most are either mirrored or enhanced here:

- The Official RBW Gallery is on Flickr -
Of course, my feelings get hurt if you don't send photos to the Current Classics (or other) Galleries ;^)

- Our FAQ continues to exist! The FAQ has one Q which was A'd enough.

- Posts from new members (or old members changing their email) are moderated. So, it means that if someone joins, their first messages will have to get my (or an acting list admin's) OK before being sent to everyone. If you want to bypass this or speed it up a bit, send me an email so I know you aren't a spammer.

- Posts to the list are by default distributed to everyone. That means if you wish to make a private comment, you need to change the "TO:" information. It's also easy to make that mistake, so please don't jump on folks who do so.

- Bug reports for the Rivendell website should be sent to
You should include the browser, system and specific issue in the email.


Statistics & Housekeeping

List began: March 26, 2007
Members: 731 (Up from 589 on 4/15/08)
Activity: Medium activity (Unchanged)
Last month - August 2008 - was our highest traffic month so far, with 979 posts.

In addition to email delivery, the list can be viewed via the web at -

If you wish to turn off or restart email delivery, change to digest mode, update your profile or make other changes, simply log in at the page above and make the changes you desire.

Unsubscribing is as easy as an email. But, don't send it to the group or to me - All posts (including this SOTL message) contain a footer with the appropriate address.

The Rivendell Owners Bunch list is "dedicated to the discussion of Rivendell Bicycles and products, you don't need to own one - just an interest in RBW designs is enough to join in. Ride reports encouraged, as is a respectful, supportive and polite tone in all posts. This group is not endorsed by Rivendell Bicycle Works."

As stated, this list is a discussion of things Rivendellian in nature and is not associated with Rivendell Bicycle Works or its employees and staff. If you have specific questions for Rivendell Bicycle Works regarding customer service or other issues, you should contact them directly.

Ending Note

I'd be more than happy to continue the discussion on any of the topics mentioned above, but in the interest of clarity, it might make sense to either email me directly or to create a new topic thread specific to your comment.

Thanks again for your contributions and enjoyment of the list.

Your list admin,

-- Jim

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