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January 15, 2008




State of the Rivendell Bicycle Works Owner's Bunch Mailing List
January 2008 - #4

Blink twice and all the calendars have changed... How did it get to be 2008, anyway!? I guess as long as we're here, we might as well enjoy it, eh?

Personally, December 22nd is always a turning point, where the sun stays out just that little bit longer (sorry about the northern hemisphere-centricism) and nature teases us into believing that we'll see another spring. Of course, for many of you, that spring lies buried under snowdrifts and cycling is limited to in-depth maintenence sessions which sometimes ends with toothbrush polishing of normally hidden threaded bits. It is the season in which riding rollers or trainers indoors begins to seem alluring. Those should be a warning signs of a most extreme degree, of course. They do, however make you appreciate the warm summer days and late sunsets in a way that us folk in milder climates never will.

It's also one of the reasons this list is so special. Whatever grumpy thoughts took root earlier this month after the pilots aborted two landings and took us allll the way back to our starting point, a little breezing through the day's posts let me forget I was stuck in Vegas. Getting lost in the minutiae of Riv-folks' endeavors was a true healing force. Thanks!

Since it's year-endish (although the list isn't yet a year old), I wanted to mention a couple of "big themes" with this SOTL report.

Our numbers have been hovering around 525 for the last month. This seems to create steady traffic without having to rely upon one or two people for the bulk of the topics. Further, there are more posts by a wider variety of members, which helps to keep things fresh. Newer members and "ex-lurkers" post (I'm guessing here) because a read through the archives shows that the attitudes here have been positive and thoughtful. Thanks to everyone on that point. It is a rarity in this format, and it requires a bit more of members to keep it that way.

Since we seem to be all kind and knowledgeable people here, there will be a tendancy towards broader topics and questions. Certainly, some of this is unavoidable, but another strength of this list is its specificity. An RBW-focused list allows discussions to sidestep the sometimes harsh polemics of "Riv is this" or "Riv is that" threads that pop up in other venues. It lets us talk about specifics of design and function, as opposed to say, the Retrogrouchical Existentialism which get sometimes gets attributed to Riv. It also lets us have Catlog/Reader tracking threads without folks mocking us... ;^)

Which is a wordy way of saying that it is important that we not become a "Mini-Me" of the iBob list. It's not that I think that is happening, but list-entropy will tend to push us that way unless we conciously act otherwise.

Other than that, thanks again for contributing to or simply enjoying the discussions.

More General Topics (Reprinted from last issue)

- Broader technical questions and non-Riv stuff are well covered by the iBob list, the 650B list and others hosted by alex wetmore on - - This is also where you can find the pre-March '07 archives to the RBW list. Peter White runs the "Bicycle Lifestyle" google group, which is here -

- Resources get put onto the RBW-Owners-Bunch pages here:
Most are either mirrored or enhanced here:

- The Official RBW Gallery is on Flickr -
Of course, my feelings get hurt if you don't send photos to the Current Classics (or other) Galleries ;^)

- We now have a FAQ! The FAQ has one Q which was A'd enough.

- Posts from new members (or old members changing their email) are moderated. So, it means that if someone joins, their first messages will have to get my (or an acting list admin's) OK before being sent to everyone.

Projects and Features

The RBW website now sorts the "Rivendell News" blog in reverse chronological order, so that the more recent posts appear at the top.
(Same with the "Knothole", but there hasn't been a post there for a couple months) Updates
Pulled an end-of-the-year effort and posted all the photos in the queue to the Galleries. There are a pretty amazing array of Riv's in the Current Classic Gallery -

Plus a couple of interesting articles and photos on the RBW page -

One thing that has happened is that some of the photos of the RBW weekends which occurred prior to 2007 have gone away. If you have photos (either digital or scannable), feel free to send them my way and I'd be happy to cobble together an archive.

I'm _still_ thinking that with the Rambouillet "asleep", it would be appropriate to create a page specific to that model. I'm pretty sure that I have a couple of flyers in in the archives, so that'll be a part of it. If anyone has some Rambouillet 'artifacts' - let me know.

The format will be similar to the QB, Bleriot and Hilsen pages -

It probably makes sense to document the other early models, such as the Longlow and All-Rounder.

Statistics & Housekeeping

List began: March 26, 2007
Members: 526 (Up from 475 on 10/15/07)
Activity: Medium activity (Unchanged)
December 2007 was our highest traffic month so far, with 844 posts.

In addition to email delivery, the list can be viewed via the web at -

If you wish to turn off or restart email delivery, change to digest mode, update your profile or make other changes, simply log in at the page above and make the changes you desire.

Unsubscribing is as easy as an email. But, don't send it to the group or to me - All posts contain a footer with the appropriate address.

The Rivendell Owners Bunch list is "dedicated to the discussion of Rivendell Bicycles and products, you don't need to own one - just an interest in RBW designs is enough to join in. Ride reports encouraged, as is a respectful, supportive and polite tone in all posts. This group is not endorsed by Rivendell Bicycle Works."

As stated, this list is a discussion of things Rivendellian in nature and is not associated with Rivendell Bicycle Works or its employees and staff. If you have specific questions for Rivendell Bicycle Works regarding customer service or other issues, you should contact them directly.

Please note -
Bug reports for the Rivendell website should be sent to
You should include the browser, system and specific issue in the email.

Ending Note

I'd be more than happy to continue the discussion on any of the topics mentioned above, but in the interest of clarity, it might make sense to either email me directly or to create a new topic thread specific to your comment.

Thanks again for your contributions and enjoyment of the list.

Your list admin,

-- Jim

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