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October 30 , 2007




State of the Rivendell Bicycle Works Owner's Bunch Mailing List
October 2007 - #3

We spent Sunday night carving up defenseless pumpkins, so it seems that we've official hit the fall riding months. For many of you, it means time to tech the bikes and think about snowshoeing. For others, it's time to break out the raingear and layers, refit fenders and bag covers, and deal with "winter weather" (which we know, isn't...) I know there's folks in the middle of those parameters, but don't have a good turn of phrase to describe them this morning.

As alluded to in the last SOTL message, winter can also be a time when folks get a little abrupt in emails, whether from the pressure of the holidays or just too many short days. It's important that we give one another a little bit of slack, and not take immediate umbrage at perceived insults. Everyone has been demonstrating a great deal of poise and respect in their posts, and it makes for a pleasant list. I think that's one of the reasons we're here.

We're kinda reaching that point (~475 members!) where we're now a "big" little group, and I think a couple of things bear mentioning again -

- The Rivendell Owners Bunch list is "dedicated to the discussion of Rivendell Bicycles and products, you don't need to own one - just an interest in RBW designs is enough to join in. Ride reports encouraged, as is a respectful, supportive and polite tone in all posts. This group is not endorsed by Rivendell Bicycle Works."

- If you find yourself beginning a thread with "OT" in the subject line, please take a moment to consider whether there may be a better place to bring the topic up. Off-Topic posts really don't belong here.

- Broader technical questions and non-Riv stuff are well covered by the iBob list, the 650B list and others hosted by alex wetmore on - - This is also where you can find the pre-March '07 archives to the RBW list. Peter White runs the "Bicycle Lifestyle" google group, which is here -

- Resources get put onto the RBW-Owners-Bunch pages here:
Most are either mirrored or enhanced here:

- The Official RBW Gallery is on Flickr -
Of course, my feelings get hurt if you don't send photos to the Current Classics (or other) Galleries ;^)

- There is no FAQ. No Q's have been A'd F enough.

Traffic has swung into a pretty regular pace for the past couple months, with some excellent ride reports, good questions and thoughtful answers.

There has been a small operational change due to the little spammer activity we've experienced. I've turned on the feature that moderates posts from new members. So, it means that if someone joins, their first messages will have to get my (or an acting list admin's) OK before being sent to everyone. I held off doing this at first, but the spam folks have been consistent in their signup-&-immediately-send-unwanted-emails methodology, and this will remove that issue.

It does mean that if you've been reading the list via the web-feed, and suddenly see a topic you want to comment upon, there could be a delay before your post is seen. I'm sorry, but there isn't a good way around that.

If one or two evil spam-meisters slip past this, please continue to not respond directly to the post, as it just means I have to go and delete your comment as well. If it seems particularly nasty (multiple posts of the same screed), please email me directly rather than reply to the post. Thanks!

Projects and Features

The RBW website overhaul has been an ongoing topic of input and discussion since going live, with Gino and his team implementing a number of tweaks based on the feedback. As I've stated in a post or two, all the upgrades and new looks aside, it's wonderful to know if something is in stock or not. For those folks who are finding anomolies, there is a specific contact address to report bugs - Updates
It's been a lull of a month, sitewise - work has had some projects recently, so I've been focused mostly on just keeping the Galleries up to date.

I'm thinking that with the Rambouillet "asleep", it would be appropriate to create a page specific to that model. I'm pretty sure that I have a couple of flyers in in the archives, so that'll be a part of it. If anyone has some Rambouillet 'artifacts' - let me know.

The format will be similar to the QB, Bleriot and Hilsen pages -

It probably makes sense to document the other early models, such as the Longlow and All-Rounder. But, that may be into next year.

Statistics & Housekeeping

List began: March 26, 2007
Members: 475 (Up from 408 on 9/4/07)
Activity: Medium activity (Unchanged)

In addition to email delivery, the list can be viewed via the web at -

If you wish to turn off or restart email delivery, change to digest mode, update your profile or make other changes, simply log in at the page above and make the changes you desire.

As stated, this list is a discussion of things Rivendellian in nature and is not associated with Rivendell Bicycle Works or its employees and staff. If you have specific questions for Rivendell Bicycle Works regarding customer service or other issues, you should contact them directly.

Please note -
Bug reports for the Rivendell website should be sent to
You should include the browser, system and specific issue in the email.

Ending Note

I'd be more than happy to continue the discussion on any of the topics mentioned above, but in the interest of clarity, it might make sense to either email me directly or to create a new topic thread specific to your comment.

Thanks again for your contributions and enjoyment of the list.

Your list admin,

-- Jim

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