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Rivendell Bicycle WorksThis email newsletter was sent on 11/28/09. The information contained herewith is for archive and informational purposes only.

I have enhanced the regular email newsletter with some specific links to the Rivendell website, which may or may not be active or available by the time you read this.

Current information and chatter appears over on a Google Group called the Rivendell Owners Bunch.

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Holiday Pleadings 11/28/09

It is the worst holiday season for many people in many years, and yet things and stuff makes the things we do here and there, for bike riders and non-bike riders possible. So let me point out some things we have, some new, some old, all pretty good. If you've got to get something this season, see if you can get something from us…and thanks.

If you're a member, your calendar-year purchases are totaled at midnight on December 31, and then on January 2 you'll have an automatic credit on your account of five percent, good through the next December 31. So, you spent $200, you get $10 credit. You got a Sam and some racks and bags and spent $2,500, you get $125 credit. We don't mail anything out, it just shows up and actually pops up the next time we start an invoice for you.

It's not as good as REI's rebate, which runs about 8% on charged items and is actually cashable; but 5 percent adds up, and takes a bite out of sales tax if you're in California, and our moderate shipping charges, wherever you are. So, it's something.

Gifts by $

Under $15 (Link goes to "Under $25" on site - ed.)

Sackville Mudflappers, bells, pine tar soap, Lip Ivo, Fistula-fixing discs, paperback copy of The Song of Hiawatha (illustrated by Frederick Remington)

Over $15, under $39 (Link goes to $28 - $53 on the RBW site - ed.)

Any of the wool hats—the possum wool blends from New Zealand, or the all-merinos from Australia. Or the neck gaiters. You should get a possum neck gaiter and machine wash-n-dry it to snug it up some. Then it's super-boss.

The black gloves with the snug thumbs. Don't overreact to the thumb thing. If all the fingers were as snug as the thumb is, you wouldn't even notice it. Nobody here except me/Grant makes a big deal of it. If your thumb is super fat, maybe reconsider; but otherwise, those are the best and warmest winter gloves you'll find anywhere, I'm pretty sure. And they're made in the US.

MUSA shorts. Are they still under $39? I think so. MUSA anything is fantastic. If you don't have the shorts, knicks, or pants, you're missing out, seriously. I buy them uppa size, but most people don't. More on that in the next section.

The Stubby-bill Rivendell or AHH hats. Made in Missouri and MUSA-branded, these are the finest cotton hats you'll ever wear for riding, photography, and all-around. The bill is just the right length. The look fits in anywhere. Or the wool version of it, but we're going to run out of that one by early December. It's grey with a blue bill, made in Oregon. Everybody loves this hat, and you won't be the exception, unless you have a 6 ? head---which isn't outrageous, nothing to feel bad about, but it's just a bit small for this hat.

Over $39, under $79 (I think this link is actually "Under $100" - ed.)

MUSA knickers and pants. Here's the hot knicker tip from me our resident upsizer: Get them TWO sizes up (if there's room to). You get extra length and bagginess, and it never seems to hurt. My waist is 33.333 inches and I prefer 2XL. But do as you like—nobody else here does that, but if you know yourself to be a loose-lover when it comes to your clothing, then consider doing that.

The Sackville Shopsacks. More capacity and quality per dollar than any other shopping back on earth. These are delightful, simple to use, and will do quadruple duty as carry-ons, beach bags, camping bags, general duffles. For cheap commuting, these in a Wald basket, holy cow.

Over $79, under $199

(links embedded below - ed.)

Any of the bags or racks. The Sackville Saddlesack Small is, I think, the best deal of any. It fits any bike, doesn't even require a rack (can't even use one), and holds more and better than any other bag of its size. The Slicker Sack requires about $200 worth of racks beneath it (a Mark's Rack or a Mini-Front, plus the PlatRack add-on), but many of you already have a good start on that, and if you're looking for a commuter bag that doubles as a carry-on or a tidy little suitcase, this is it. Bags The Sackville bags are the best bike bags I've ever seen or used, and we have good stock of them. In the next Reader there's a story about the small shop in Connecticut that makes them. If you haven't seen one, yotta see one.

Gift Certificates… are always good. Any amount, and the way we do them here, they cost less than their face value, so they're an especially good deal.


We're nearly out of Sams, except in the 48s and 52s. We'll have more in February, and you can reserve one with a non-refundable (to ensure sincerity, not to bum you out, and we've never not given back "non-refundable deposits in the past, and it's never a tussle) $100 deposit. They'll be orange again, and this time there will be a 64, too. Both the 60 and 64 will have double top tubes, which—we could've done without on the 60, but the 64 benefits for sure. Hey, in four years every big bike will have double toppers… You understand what the second top tube does, right? It re-triangulates the frame so the frame resists twisting better. On a bike with a tall head tube, it matters. Tall riders tend to weigh more and so on, so it makes sense. We got lugs made just for the second top tube. It's what you do when you claim, as we do, to be Home of the Lugged Steel Frame.

The Simpleone will replace the Quickbeam, and it too will come in Spring. Some as frames, maybe some as bikes. Exactly the same geometry as the QB, and in sizes 54-56-58-60-62-64. The smaller and taller QBs didn't sell well, so we're going with these. Not sure of the price, but they'll cost less than the Quickers and be as good. Made in Taiwan, not Japan.

We have a dwindling number of what seems to be the last of the Japanese-built Atlantis frames. They are stratospherically expensive to buy, and your price, $2,000 for frame-fork-headset, counts only if you buy a complete Atlantis from us. Frame only is now $2,300. Sometimes next year we'll likely bring in a Taiwan-built Atlantis, also built under the guidance of Tetsu Ishigaki; and the fork will be made in the old Toyo shop, in Japan. There may be some changes. Fewer sizes, more upslope on the TT. It will be a good, good bike.

We're getting Betty Foy frames in the usual 52cm and 58cm 650-B wheels sizes, plus two new sizes: 47cm (26-inch wheels), and 62cm (700c). These will also be available as Yves Gomez for guys who don't want to ride a "Betty Foy."

A good friend lost his job last week. Good friends lose their jobs along with everybody else, but it's always sad, and especially this time of the year. You (business owner) talk to your accountant, see where things are for the year, and make the cuts to help with taxes or please the shareholders.

People have to work, and most work is selling of some kind. Even if it's not obvious selling, beneath the label of teacher or lawyer or doctor, it's selling. So buying helps. We've grown over the years to our current gigantic-feeling size, a staff of twelve or thirteen (some part time, some Saturdays only).

We're not overstaffed or understaffed, but the staffing and payroll keep us on our toes, and keep me on edge all the time. It's like a gauntlet every week, but we get through, and it's all thanks to you.

Grant and the whole crew at RBW


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