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Rivendell June 2006 Update -

by GP
(Notes and addendum in this color by Cyclofiend Jim)

Update -
A couple of edits that didn't make it into the final copy-
We DO have the green Rambouillets. They are ready to ship and many are already being ridden. They look great. We should have new pictures up soon...see below re: new site.
And the Legolas ('cross bike) is only going to be red. Not red or blue.

update to the Update -

Legolas _WILL_ be both done in both red and blue -
"Just this side of navy," says Mark, the Legolas guy.

Cheers, John at Rivendell

We're getting a new website soon, too. It'll be updated more regularly, and even though the current one is fine, it's fantastically out of date, and we wanted some changes. It'll still be familiar and good, but better.

I'm working on RR38. Probably to the printer in 2 weeks.

Green Rambouillets-
Blue Rambouillets appear here - Here is a Green Ramouillet in the Current Classics Gallery - Niiiiiiice!
The new green Rambouillets are here. Sizes: 56, 58, 60, and 64. Those were the sizes we were low on when we ordered them, so naturally we're now low on the blues in the other sizes...but at least they're coming, and we're happy to have them. We can't show you a color because we don't have the bikes yet, but basically it's an emerald green, slight metallic.

Other changes: 11x32 cogs and RapidRise LX rear derailler. But as always, if you prefer different gearing or a different derailleur, no problem. Same price, $2300. The dollar is doing OK against the yen, so the feared price increase didn't happen. Call 800 345 3918.

Last Japanese-hubbed Quickbeams-
Get yourself a Quickbeam. Here are a few photos of mine.
RBW's Quickbeam page.
A final order of Quickbeams is going in, for late Summer delivery. Final in the sense that the hubs used are no longer available, and they have only a small pile of them. Fifty or so. These bikes will surely sell out before they arrive, and with 50 being divided among 8 sizes, that's not many per size.
For the first time ever we'll have a 66.

Same orange as before, same everything. After these, we still plan to make the QB, but it'll have a different hub. Probably a fine one, probably not quite the hub the current (and next batch) will have, but it'll be fine. Price: $1400. A $200 deposit holds one for you. Call 800 345 3918.

Coming down the pike, a mountain bike)-

Three new bikes/frames, in this order:

The LEGOLAS, cyclo-cross racing bike -
A true, real, cyclo-cross racing bike, may be coming out in August. Just a frame, already painted or else no way would it be ready for the season, and just 30 of them. Mark wanted one, so we'll do it. Price: $1600, no headset. It'll be a threadless style, because Mark says so. Geometry-wise and tubing-wise will be a production version of the custom frames we've built for Mark and his cyclo-cross-racing wife Amy.

It is specifically a racing bike. Don't buy it if you don't plan to race it. The tubing is lighter than we'd use for a non-racing bike, and although it will be more versatile than most cross bikes by virtue of an eyelet on the front and rear dropouts, decent clearance and two bottle mounts. It is first a race bike. We aren't going to make a road-racing bike, but a cyclo-cross bike, sure. Sizes 51, 53, 55, 57, 59, and 62. It'll be red or dark blue

The A. Homer Hilsen
More on this in the next RR, but here's the part you need to know, stated as succinctly as possible: It's a 700C Saluki in even sizes 58 through 68. Sidepull brakes. Clearance with fenders for 700x32 through 700x38, and without fenders, up to maybe a 40.5, if you can find one of those around and must have it.

It's a COUNTRY BIKE...which is pretty much a road bike with oodles of clearance. It comes in 58 and up sizes because the Saluki stops at 62 (larger than that looks funny with 650B wheels). The 58 wasn't necessary, but I/Grant want one and that's my size, so we all (all of us 58 riders) get one, too. Frame and fork with headset will cost $1500. Tubing is on the lightish side, and a mix of True Temper OX Platinum, Reynolds 725, and maybe some Tohoku-Miyata double-tapered seat stays and fork blades. Waterford is making the first 50 at least--Toyo hadn't the time for them, if we wanted late Summer delivery.

Three colors---blue, olive, and caramel, all with nice contrasts and accents. More later, but if you can get past the name and want a super duper bike, this is a good way to go. Here are the part numbers. They're all $1500, unless you've already ordered it at $1400, which four of you have. But the $1400 didn't include a headset.... The SILVER brake allows this bike to happen, and we're taking advantage of it.

The last batch of ultra-fancily lugged Mixtes-
RBW's mixte page
RBW Mixtes in the Current Classics Gallery -
Marta's Glorius - Pam K's Glorii - Charlie V's Glorius
The next batch of mixtes (Glorius, Wilbury) and the final batch of mixtes with the ultra-fancy, PITA to paint lugs, is here now. Unpainted. They'll take 3-5 months to paint, and you can get them almost any color you like, but if you pick a really rotten color, we reserve the right to nix it. The mixtes, in many ways, are the most successful bikes we've made. They elicit the most smiles, the happiest customers, the most letters and photos, and they've sold the most with the least trying.

Surprisingly, the women: men ration is only about 4:1, and we thought it would for sure be about 9:1. They go out most of the time with Albatross bars, at least one rack, and fenders and a kickstand, and the whole package as described (complete bike, saddle and pedals and those accessories) comes to about $2800. The last bike you ride will be a mixte, and the last of the ultra-fancies ever are coming in next month. Future batches will be equally good, but the lugs won't be as fancy. They'll be plenty fancy, believe me, but if you take perverse pleasure in owning and riding a bike whose lugs were so hard to mask and paint around that the ordinarily resolute Japanese painters steadfastly refused to even try, then get one of the next batch.

If you think you want a mixte someday, and you like nice lugs but either don't LIKE the current mixte lugs-shame on you-or you just want to wait, then don't feel like you're missing out on a golden and last chance, because the next lugs will be fine, and way fancier than any other mixte lugs ever made on any planet.

Sizes: 50, 52, 56, 58. A $200 deposit holds one for you. Call 800 345 3918.

Two WOOLISTIC jerseys are in:

Jersey One:
Just like the last one-grey with red-black-green strips on the collar, cuffs, and chest. We sold out and then some last time, so we reordered, and this time got them up to XXXL, which isn't as big as it sounds, given these are racer-sized. I'm 5-10 x 185 and wear an XXL. They're sized like all the other Woolistic jerseys are, so if you have one of them, there you go. Made in China, but looks like Italy.In stock now. We have S, 3XL,and 4XL. About seven of each. S: 22-558 3X: 22-597 4X: 22-598 Cost: $100
Page with photos of long sleeved version

Jersey TWO:
Woolistic again, short-sleeved, with grey and orange stripes. Striking and visible, but not invasive or tacky. Sporty, not clowny. Fun but not stupid. It's a good grey and a good orange, and it's logo-free and you'll probably like it. Made in China, and it's fine. We don't love the political implications of that, but the fact is, there's nobody else left who can do this type of jersey, with stripes or whatever knit into the fabric, as opposed to being sewn in. S: 22-587 M: 22-588 L: 22-589 XL: 22-590 XXL: 22-591 Cost: $100
I'm pretty sure that Grant is referring to this jersey

A saddlebag holder, the one shown in a recent RR, is delayed but still coming......

we just got in some extra light handlebars similar to the Noodle in shape, but about 80g lighter.

It's called the Sobabar. A variation of "soba," the world-famous Japanese buckwheat noodles, You give up the engraved crest and sleeve for that 80g (there's a bulged center section instead, and it's screened), but if you can handle that and you're after the lightest-strongest-most comfy bar ever, this might be the way. The bend is indistinguishable from that of the Noodle. Widths, 41 (290g), 44 (300g), and 46 (310g) only. Silver of course. Price is $65, a bit more than the sleeved Noodle Heat-treated bars. This bar is not an upgrade from the Noodle, since the Noodle is non-upgradeable. It is merely a superlight variant, with differences that allow grams to be shaved at the cost of the loss of the sleeve and the crest. It is a beautiful bar. 41: 16-168 44: 16-169 46: 16-170

WoolyWarm sleeveless Ts
Fabric-wise these are IDENTICAL to the blue-grey Australian ones we normally sell, but these are made in New-that's right-Zealand. The color is the same, the superfine, light merino wool is the same, and the only difference is that these are WoolyWarm, so their cut fuller. A medium one of these is like a Large of the ones in our catalogue. Because WoolyWarm's tag line used to be "all wool, CUT FULL, no bull." We got these in months and months ago unexpectedly, and now it's time to clear them out. We aren't going to just give them away, because they cost a lot and are 100 percent perfect and we don't see them as dead stock. But if you like the others you will like these in a size smaller; and if you like the others but need a bigger size, these fill that bill, too. A sleeveless wool shirt in this weight is useful anywhere and any-that's right-time. Over another shirt or under it. You'll never overheat in it, and it'll keep you from getting super chilly.

Blueish grey: XS: 22-400 M: 22-344 L: 22-345 XL: 22-346

MUSA Striped Seersucker
We finally got these in, after a two-month delay cause by Ralph Lauren buying up all the fabric. Well, our shirts are better. They're made in San Francsico this time, and the buttons are real tagua nuts, and bigger than normal dress-shirt buttons, so you can operate them better with broad, stumpy digits. The single pocket has a button and an integral pencil pocket that hides until you need it. The button-down collar is a 100 percent copy of a Brooks Brothers shirt collar. There's a fruit loop in back. Long tails, longish arms. You can wear it wherever seersucker is appropriate, and for hot weather riding it's unbeatable. It is cut the same as our plaid seersucker; that is to say, kind of full. Order your dress shirt size. S: 22-559 M: 22-560 L: 22-561 XL: 22-562 XXL: 22-563

New Wool Beanies
These are slightly thicker and just barely slightly less helmet-compatible than our old ones (still in the catalogue but no longer available) are. They're 100 percent wool, knit by Vermontese women, and so they cost a bit more. These are striped blue and grey as were the oldies, but these stripes are wider, about half an inch. The labels say to hand wash, but we recommend machine washing once at least (on normal or gentle, warm, with non-caustic soap), and even machine drying once. They shrink slightly and get almost too soft, but quite nice and furry. If you want a cheap hat, these aren't it, but they're excellent and will keep your head warm. They fit under helmets that can be adjusted too loosely, but you can wear them off the bike, too. ONE SIZE: 22-601

WoolyWarm arm and knee warmers
These are made in New Zealand by the same folks who made the full cut sleeveless Ts. All merino wool, as good as leg and knee warmers get. With the WoolyWarm logo embroidered on them.
Arm warmers: S/M 22-330 L/XL 22-331
Leg warmers: S/M: 22-250 L/XL: 22-251
Knee warmers: S/M: 22-308 L/XL: 22-309
(Woolywarm Arm and Knee Warmers are a completely paid for at retail and thoroughly endorsed item by Cyclofiend Jim...)

Nigel Smythe Bags
RBW Bags and Racks Page

These are the nattiest bike bags we've seen, and nine in ten people who see them in person say something like, "Boy, the sure look better in person than they do in the catalogue." The designs are right on the money. The workmanship is absolutely top. The bags are tough and you shouldn't be afraid to give them a hard life. The Loafers fit on a variety of racks, but are designed specifically for certain Nitto racks (see below per model). I/Grant use the Little Loafer and Big Loafer on my Quickbeam, and life it good. The tweed is a green plaid, with tan leather trim and brass hardware. The fabric is all wool laminated to twill, and the laminate is a rubbery glue that make the fabric absolutely waterproof, but since they are stitched, water can work its way though via the seams, but that's an issue only in long downpours. If you have a nice bike and like bags, these are as good as they get. If you're in the wet a lot, you're better off with Baggins bags with their waxed cotton UNTIL we get our Smythe Bag Bonnets in, which will be soon and they'll be cheap and totally w'proof.

Little Loafer
The perfect day-size when you don't need much more than some chow, a repair kit,and extra clothing. It fits just right on the Nitto Mini Front rack (part no. 20-020 and on p. 29 of the current catalogue; or on Mark's Rack (20-108, page 28). If you have one of these racks, get one of these bags for it. I use one every day of my life now. 20-127

Big Loafer
Carries nearly a saddlebag-sized load in back, and is designed to cling to a Nitto Top Rack (part number 20-095, page 27 in the catalogue), or the Top Rack with Sides (part number 20-094, page 27 - This is smart and sturdy rack - I use on on my daily commuter - Cyclofiend Jim). A front-rear combo of Loafers is Nearly Nirvana. There's no way not to like it. 20-126

Seat Pouch
The Smythe version of the Banana Bag. A Banana Bag in wool tweed. 20-125

Bar Tube
The Smythe version of a Candy Bar Bag. A hair bigger. The cheapest Smythe bag in the line, and a handy way to carry smallish, but not THAT small loads. Does not require a rack. 20-129

Bar Bag
The Smythe Hobo bag. A big narrower than the Baggins Hobo, but otherwise fungible with it. Plenty of pockets and compartments to separate things that best not touch each other. It works with any drop bar, and doesn't use a rack. 20-128

If you're too poor for the bags but just gotta have the tweed, these are the way to go. Ten dollars each for the classiest mudflaps in your neighborhood. 20-130

Baggins Banana Bag
As good as ever. Lots in stock - dark and light fabric 20-082

Japanese Bar Tape
The best cloth tape we've used. Silver (grey), celery (light green), or light teal (femmy greenish blue). They all shellac up nicely, and look good raw. Finely woven, tight and smooth, in colors you won't find anywhere else. Silver: 16-124 Celery: 16-156 Light Teal: 16-125

Shimano Ultegra Rear Derailleur, long cage
We ended up with a ton of these somehow. Long story, not that interesting, and not a juicy story at all. Even Nashbar can't beat this price. No box, but you get a nice plastic bag, instructions, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that at most, only one pair of American hands have ever touched them, and then only briefly. Silver, capacity to 27 if you shift indexed, and 30t if you shift friction. A great derailleur-it is impossible to buy one that shifts better. Sealed pulleys. 17-113

No price stated

Spaghetti-strap all-wool undershirts
These are the Marlon Brando style, the kind you don't want to wear out in public. They're not our normal thing here, but a few years ago I miscommunicated my wishes and we ended up with a pile of these. They're perfectly good for what they are-fine, soft, merino wool undershirts-but they're not as functional for vigorous use as are the normal Sleeveless Ts we offer. And yet they take up space! So off they go. Please buy one. They're cheap. S: 22-333 M: 22-334 XXL: 22-337

No price stated

Orange Cycling Hats
A nice rich, manly orange. A tenth of the way to burnt. Not yellowy. Well, all oranges are yellowy to an extent, but this one is low on the yellowy scale for oranges. 24-066

No price stated

Olive Green Cycling Hats
Olive is olive, and this one looks good. We'll make a link to it: Same part number as the others, so unless you specify, it'll be a grab bag. Here's a link to the page with the older blue one

No price stated


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