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Ibis CyclesScans of Ibis print ads from various publications. Click the images to see a full size version.

Ibis in the news.


1984 Print Advertisement - Fat Tire Flyer
1984 Ibis Advertisement
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1986 Print Advertisement - Fat Tire Flyer
1986 Ibis Advertisement
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1993? Print Advertisement - VeloNews
Bird's Eye View Ad
One of my favorite Ibis ads
- just a great image

The Ad at left contains
a rambling border of small type
- midway up the left hand side is this:
Ibis Ad print detail

... and if you still can't read that,
click here
to see it larger.


1994 Print Advertisement - VeloNews
Ibis Szazbo Advertisement
Introduction of the Ibis Szazbo.
Shows both a Al-Szazbo and a Ti-Szazbo.
1995 Print Advertisements

Ibis Factory Sale - Sebastopol
Ad from California Cyclist Magazine
announcing the Ibis Factory Sale.

Ibis Cycles - Moron Tubing
Ad from VeloNews.
Ahhh, the brilliance
of Moron Tubing...
1996 Print Advertisements - VeloNews

Ibis Szazbo Advertisement
Ibis Szazbo
- this time no mention of the Ti Szazbo.
Wonder what they were planning to do
with Titanium...?

Ibis - What Would Do for One
"What Would You Do for an Ibis?"
including the horrifying thought - "Drink Decaf"...

1997 Print Advertisements - VeloNews
Ibis Alibi Advert
Ad for the Alibi model. Year is an estimate - might have been 1998. But, the 1997 Catalog was the one that used the drawings.
Ibis - All I wanted
This was a classic Ibis Ad.
Very much unlike anything that appeared in VeloNews at the time.
Ibis - Mojo Equation
The Mojo Equation
Ibis in Mill Valley
Pacific Sun Ad for Scot & John appearing at Mill Valley Cycleworks - an intro of the Ibis Bow-Ti
1998 Print Advertisements - VeloNews
Ibis Mojo - the new love child
The New Ibis Love Child
Redesigned Mojo
Other Ibis Press -


Scorcher Blurb from Bicycleng Magazine
Ibis Scorcher Blurb

click to enlarge

VeloNews - Meet the BowTiVeloNews Article with one of the earliest glimpses of the Bow-Ti - debuted to the public at the Mammoth Mountain Bike Races - which was the pre-Sea Otter "coming out" party for mtb designs and prototypes.

VeloNews - What we Liked at Mammoth
Click for a hi-rez/readable version.

1995 - The Unthinkable...
Clif Bar Convert - Scot Nicol
Scot Nicol states that PowerBars
aren't as tasty as Clif Bars
Will Black Scorching it at Lake Sonoma
Ibis MTB team rider Will Black -
gets a glam shot in VeloNews
From the jersey style, I reckon it's around 1996/7

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