It fascinates me how much the appearance of a bicycle can change over the course of a few months. My Lemond Poprad (1st year of production) had definitely been out on trail and road in the first photo, but after the last race of the season, it was hard to tell there was even a bicycle under there.

I had built this up from a frameset, using a combination of road bike cast-offs, parts bin finds and select purchases. It is set up as an 8 speed, with a Shimano XTR short cage r.d., Profile 175mm carbon cranks and Ritchey wheelset. The brake/shifters are 8sp Shimano 600's, and may need to be replaced after this last winter - the shifting is finallly getting a bit cranky. Michelin Muds, which state 30 but measure 35. Not in photos - I've recently swapped out the cranks for a pair of Ritchey 172.5's. Brakes were LX canti's from my mtb, but have morphed over time to be Avid 6's.

- Jim

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