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Hello Jim, Thank you for your offer to host photos of our bicycles.

These are pictures of my Blue BooYay. Complete bike, standard set up, arrived at my doorstep in Tillamook, OR Oct. 5th 2004 from RBW. The riding weather has been great since then.

Additions are as follows; Little Joe (on a ti bagman Sport rack) & Candy bar baggins. "Century Special" cassette from Harris Cyclery, new SRAM P59 chain & Kool Stop brake pads (w/sliver holders) between 3,000 & 4,000 miles. Cateye HL500 halogens, mounted low on knobs, w/inner tube security bands, ion lithium battery power. Road Morph pump on the seat tube, Road Morph air in the Ruffy Tuffys. Brass bell. Shellac, hemp twine & bees wax (plugging the noz on the pump, for example).

Oh yea, the chain stay guard. You know, if someone has the thought, it will be tried. Installation would be a lot easier, if the chain, rear wheel and rear derailleur cable are removed.

George "Bag Matcher" Kendrick

On the beautiful ThreeCapes area of the Oregon Coast



Recent pic of the Blue BooYay #8 on the CC list, about 11,000 miles rode since delivery From RBWWHQ

Rivendell Rambouillet - side view
Booyay at Big Mama's House
This bicycle has had a new adventure - click here for those photos

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