Ok, you caught me... This isn't a "Current Classic" by the definition here. But, since it's my site, and I don't have a "current" current classic. I figure that since I currently use this classic bike, it's a "Current Classic".

It's possible that I can be convinced on similar type bicycles - the best angle to work is a classic bike that is used (as opposed to a bicycle that is driven around to concourse exhibits.)

Anyway, this is a Dawes "Double Blue" (so I am told), which was found at a garage sale, dirty and disused. Although I originally was just going to clean it up and sell it, but I chanced to call my LBS who just had a customer reneg on a special order for a Surly flip-flop/Mavic MA-3 rear wheel. So, the Dawes has become my second fixed bicycle.

Bit Detail: Brooks Pro Honey w/ skivved edges, Rivendell Baggins Hobo Bag, Campy GS 170mm cranks with 42 x 16T gearing, TTT stem and seatpost, requisite lighting and fenders for commuting. A light and smooth riding bicycle.

- Jim




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